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Our music is a blend of traditional quartet gospel with a contemporary flavor. BIC likes to use the term “Quartemporary”. It is comprised of the various styles of gospel each member brings to the group.

From the beginning when we first started and recorded our very first cd, we developed a sound that was comfortable and melodic vocally and musically. We really created a style of our own and by not knowing what was going to come out of it but we allowed our musical and vocalistic talents to work and out came our the birth of our first cd in 2001 entitled “From the heart”. This Cd we mixed it up a bit with original songs along with a few standards as well, like “Give me a clean heart” and “I will trust in the lord”. These songs were favorite hymns and songs from the church so we took them and added our own twist and we made it a BIC song. Some of the original songs were “Holy spirit- fall on me”, and “That’s why we praise him” all of which received airplay with various radio stations.

A few years later in 2004 we decided it was time to work on the second Cd. Now that we had our feet wet a little we had an idea of what we were doing so we pulled out some more church songs and we arranged a medley with some old time devotional service songs like “Glory, Glory Hallelujah since I laid my burdens down…” then we went to “Can't nobody do me like Jesus” and as a closer we used “There is power, power wonder working power, in the precious blood of the lamb.” But we didn’t stop there we continued in the praise mode and added a worship and praise medley of songs like “We worship Christ our lord” and “What a mighty God we serve” then we closed with “Blessed Assurance.” This Cd entitled “Spreading the message” was played in various cities all over the country. After having two Cd’s out at this time we knew we had to work it so that’s what we did. In fact two songs were selected for a special Malaco records project by “Keith Wonderboy Johnson” presents “The rising stars.” “It’s time to come together” and “I want to be blessed” were two of the songs on this project along with other awesome groups on this compilation Cd. Quiet as kept the project was nominated for a stellar award.

Now we’re feeling good about what we can do and the little buzz we received from the previous two Cd’s we decided go all out this time and allow the music within us to speak to our hearts and out came the new and latest Cd “Its in the word.” This 2010 Cd release was long over due in our minds…. But when God has a plan for you…. You must wait… wait I say unto the lord. During the period of waiting we realized that it’s not about us. So we waited and we waited and we waited until God said okay now it’s time. He gave us songs that we never could imagine. Songs like “I need him”, “I’m determined”, “Healing”, “The choice is yours”, “Jesus is the answer” and “I’m going away” all these songs were written by our guitar player and vocalist Earlie B. Teemer. Then Darren Perry our lead singer wrote “Be encouraged”, and “Let them go” two songs that gave us a different spin on style and arrangement but still maintaining our BIC sound. Then we added a little touch of smooth songs written by Bass guitarist and vocalist Ivan Jackson like “Turn it over to Jesus” and “We’ve come a long way”, “I’m giving my life back to you” then we concluded with an up-tempo down home “Come on in the church house…”

The true secret and surprise to this project is we (BIC) did a lot of the recording in our own studio. In fact all the vocals and bass, guitar and most of the live drums were done in our own studio. With the help of our good friend and bother Ray Braswell Jr, who has been with us from the beginning. His creativity and studio knowledge and musicianship have helped us build this sound that we call “Quartemporary” and it’s a BIC trademark sound. Braswell has often said that he’s never heard bass and guitar sound so full without keyboards.

So sit back and enjoy our music that God has allowed us to share with you. Allow yourself to unleash your spiritual musical imagination and travel through the unique sounds and original songs of BIC as we take you from the start of something we feel is truly “From the heart” as we continue “Spreading the message” that’s “It’s in the word”.




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